Nepal Trekking Grades

Nepal offers a wide range of trekking options around himalayas. Anyone with good physically fitness can go for trekking in Nepal. However, there are some trekking routes which require pre experience and knowledge to trek around that regions. All you need to have is passion and enthusiasm for trekking in mountain. People having cardiac or respiratory problems must discuss with to their doctor before trekking in Nepal.

Easy Trek 

Trekking in Nepal is not that easy as we expected but there are some easy grade hiking or trekking in Nepal. Easy types of trekking or hiking in Nepal, one needs not to walk more than 5 hours in a day depending on the walking speed. It is just village walking, discovering the lifestyles and culture of rural communities of Nepal. You can see the panoramic views of mountains, exciting village life and do a beautiful jungle walk.You will walk over 2500 m and the trek can be completed in one day to 10 days. Here are recommended easy trekking in Nepal Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, Dhampus Hiking, Everest Mini Trek, Poonhill Sunrise Trek 


Moderate grade trekking trails will take you above 3000m that means it will be compratively harder than easy grades. Moderate trekking is normally about 15 days long. Trekkers need to walk approximately 7- 8 hours in a day. The routes of moderate trekking may be rough, steep and may have a number of ups and downs. It is slightly challenging, uphill and downhill, walking close to mountain views and walking through the beautiful mountainous forests. The elevation from 2500m to 4000m is considered grade 2.To go for this type of trekking, all you need to have is good health conditions and moderate level of physical fitness. Here are recommended moderate trekkin in Nepal Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp, Langtang valley Trek, Langtang Gosaikund Trek


Strenuous trekking grade is quite challenging trekking in Nepal. You will need to walk for around 6-7 hours in a day. You will be walking from an altitude of 4000m to 5550m is considered a strenuous trek. To go for these types of trekking, you will need preparation for fitness and pre experience will be better and well as good health conditions are equally necessary. Patients of asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, or those who are not allowed to do strenuous exercise should not for these types of trekking. Here are recommended strenuous trekking in Nepal. Most of the trekking of Nepal is in grade. This kind of trekking gives you an experience of a lifetime, has very beautiful walking surrounded by spectacular mountains. Above 4000m, there are many settlements in Nepal with very different landscape  Manaslu Circuit TrekkingAnnapurna Circuit Trekking with Tilicho LakeEverest Chola Pass Trek

Fairly strenuous

Above 5550m is known as fairly trekking route in himalayas. There is high chance of AMS and you must be in a very good physical condition and previous experiencesis is mendotary for this trek. Climbing and mountaineering skills are essential as you will be trekking in very rocky terrain, crossing glaciers and high passes as well as going through wilderness. This is for those seeking a real adventure and challenge. There are many fairly strenuous trekking trails in Nepal.

Very Strenuous or Challenging

Very strenuous trekking grade requires trekking skills, knowledge to use trekking and climbing equipments and prior experience is important for this trekking and climbing. You will be trekking or climbing over 6000 M. You need to carry gaiters, axes and crampons to bad-tempered the high passes in himalayas. This type of trekking involves the expedition of high mountains and serious climbing skills. Climbing snowy mountains is very challenging and you require high functioning equipment, advanced mountaineering knowledge, physical fitness, and beautiful weather conditions. This type of trek continues from 16 to 28 days in mountain. Nepal is one of the best places in the world for challenging treks and expeditions.