Volunteering in Nepal

Trekking Plus offer the volunteering services to high school students and social workers who wish to stay in Nepal not as a tourist but as a friend and family member. Volunteering programs are one of the ways to support local people of Nepal through tourism. People who wish to volunteer and share their skills are welcome to visit and work in local community in mid western part ( Bandipur Village and Reipe Village) of Nepal. 

If you are interested about volunteering in Nepal and bring hope to hopeless people to make their life even brighter with your ideas and skills, Please do let us know or visit our Volunteering Orginization Lets Go Cool. We will make all types of arrangement as per your interest and the kind of volunteer that you like to share in our small friendly village.

All our volunteering programs work based in kathmandu, Bandipur, Nuwakot and Riepe Village. This programs really benefiting for Nepal because the country still seeks supporting hands to bring home to hopeless as it is trying to get in its feet after the devastating earthquake that occurred on 26th April, 2015. For more details please visit lets go cool volunteering Programs. Volunteering Programs in Nepal