Best Time to Visit Tibet

Tibet can be visited just about anytime of year, however, certain times of the year. When to visit Tibet based on the activity in Tibet you wish to do. Spring in Tibet occurs around April and May. Due to melted snow and gentler temperatures, this is the most convenient, but also the busiest time to visit. Tibet is usually closed to visitors in March, due to Tibetan New Year and the government’s fears of political occurrences. Winter falls in December and January. Its cold, but the skies are typically clear, and fewer tourists means wait times for permits can be noticeably reduced. Tibet is a place you can visit all year round, except for mid-February to March when Tibet will close for foreigners due to the Chinese and Tibetan New Year. You can choose the rest of the year to make your Tibet trip.

When to go to Tibet ? 

Winter Seasons

January and February can be quite cold across Tibet, but the skies are usually clear. Snow is possible, but large accumulation in winter is rare. As long as you dress appropriately.  the winter months can be a great time to visit Tibet and go to Everest Base Camp as its less tourist and clear view of mountains. April thru early June are excellent months for great mountain views. The weather is considerably warmer than the winter months and it is the shoulder season meaning there are not so many tourists compared to the summer months and have clear views. There are some places, such as Nam Tso Lake, Mt Kailash and other trekking route, that cannot be visited/completed in the winter time. However, almost all other places can be visited in winter time.

Summer Seasons 

From late June through early September typically bring clouds and some rain, which reduces the chance of seeing a clear view of Everest and other peaks. It is still possible to see Everest, but you likely will not get a good, clear view of the mountain that lasts a long time. Often, the best views during the summer months are either at sunrise or sunset. During the daytime, clouds can obstruct the peak. The summer months in Tibet are the best for seeing nomads on the high grasslands with their yaks and sheep. These months can certainly bring clouds and rain, but if you want to experience traditional Tibetan nomadic culture, summer season is the best months to go to Tibet.

Autumn Season

Autumn and early winter months from mid September through December usually bring clear skies, though by late November temperatures at higher elevations like Everest base camp can be quite cold. The high season for tourism in Tibet ends in mid October making November a great month to go to Tibet. In the autumn months, farmers begin harvesting their crops of barley and wheat. This is also a great time to experience a traditional part of Tibetan culture.

If seeing the big peaks of the Himalayas including Mt Everest, explore Tibetan Culture are your main reason for going to Tibet, here are the months that offer the best chances of clear skies as well as explore the culture and lifestyle of Tibetan peoples in Tibet.

Best places to visit in Tibet in the season of winter

  • Lhasa, the City of Sunshine
  • Shigatse, a Hot Tourist City
  • Mt. Everest, the Peak of Heaven

Best places to visit in Tibet in the season of Summer

  • Namtso
  • Mt.Kailash and Lake Manasarovar