Trekking Guide and Porter

Trekking Plus Guide and Porter have a many years of experience in guiding in himalayas working together. Trekking Plus provide qualified trekking guide and porter for your Nepal trip which is insurance covered, government licensed, first aid trained, government registered and familiars with local and that area of trekking region in Nepal. Depending on your request we can provide you guide, porter cum guide or porter.

Trekking Plus guide and porter play the vital role to success your Nepal trekking and adventure. We are very much sure without the guide and porter how difficult and with the guide and porter how easy, romantic your trek will be. Our official guide and porter definitely make success your Nepal trip and you will know more things about culture and local lifestyle. Our guide will be more responsible and helpful to their client while they are on duty.  

  • Experience in himalayas and well known about Nepali culture, tradition, religion and responsible for your safety
  • Our guides and porters do not drink alcoholic, no gambling and smoking while on duty 
  • We ensure that our guides and porters are fully trustable, responsible on their duty and company, honest.
  • Excellent knowledge about first aid, eco tourism and altitude sickness as well as good in english.
  • Well known about how to manage the trip and always considerate about clients needs
  • Porters will carry your luggage in a safe and secure
  • All of our porters are honest, fun loving and well known about all trekking region

We can also make arrangements for those clients who only require services of guides and porters since such clients wish to trek in their own expenses and therefore do not require full board trekking arrangements. Apart from organizing full board trekking packages for our client, we also organize by providing guide only. If you think of managing all the necessary things like permit and necessary papers, then only the guide is enough for trekking in Nepal Himalaya. We have different level of trekking guides, some of our guides have many years of experience and as well as education and this makes their value a bit higher than those with either just education or just experience. As per the clients requirements we can make the following arrangements. Trekking Plus Guides and Porter

Trekking Guide and Porter on hire- Per Day 

One who have long experience about the trekking in Himalayas, certified by Government of Nepal as a licensed trekking leader and guide. Trekking Leader got many different training like First Add, Basic First Add and Advance. Himalayan rescue, High Altitude risk and leadership training, from KEEP, Mountaineering Academy and many more

 Trekking Leader    US $35 Per day 

Trekking Guide got good knowledge about trekking in Nepal, certified by Government of Nepal as a licensed trekking guide on A grade, cultures, and religion. Trekking Guide got many different training like First Add, High Altitude risk and many more. He is good in customer service.

 Trekking Guide     US $25 Per day

Our Guide Cum Porter are well equipped for the Himalayas high pass trekking in Nepal. They are  fully insured  for any kind of medication and emergency rescue. Porter guide are only eligible for the trekking job, after involving a month-long training conducting by the Government of Nepal.

 Guide cum Porter  US $22 Per day 

A porter meansone who typically carry the gear of two people while you are on trekking. They are  fully insured  for any kind of medication and emergency rescue. Porter carry max 20 kg. Normally one porter between two trekkers will be provided. If you have backpack of more than 20 kg than you need consider to hire second porter. 

 Porter                     US $20 Per day 


All daily wages, food, accommodation, salary, equipment, accidental insurance, clothing and medicine.


  • They are well paid, well equipped, medical and accidental insurance which covers medical and incase of helicopter rescue, no bargaining of wages and not begging tips (not necessary only highly suggested).
  • We ensure our guides and porters to assist you whole trek with warm Nepali hospitality and not arguing in unnecessary issues.
  • We keep their guide license and citizenship with us at our office.
  • Above price is for hiring Guide or Porter Guides for Nepal Trekking and Tours not for outbound Trip to  Bhutan or Tibet.
  • If you want to hire just porter, we can provide you as well but Trekking Plus highly recommended to hire guide and porter. Some solo Trekkers are still missing missing in mountain who were trekking without guide and porter in the various trekking area of Nepal doing trekking independently.
  • If necessary Domestic air ticket, Transportation, National park permit for your Nepali staff will not include in the cost which will be exlcuded and you can trekkers has to pay for guide / porter as well.

Trekking with Guide and Porter

Why is it better to hire guide and porter from Kathmandu?

Trekking Plus arrange guide and porter service to any trekking region that departs from Kathmandu. When you have your guide from kathmandu than you don’t have to worry about anything and taking care of your luggage. Guide and porter will be with you all the time from starting your trip from Kathmandu and till end. All your trekking permits, documents, transferring to domestic airport or bus station, meals during the travel will be well cared by guide and porter. If your flight got delayed  or traffic jam along the drive, your guide will re-arrange it without giving any trouble to you.

Are guides government registered license holder and experienced? 

Yes, all guides are government registered license holder, fluent english and local language speaking, first aid trained, informative about destination and general knowledge of Nepal, knowledgeable of local culture, local people, local tradition, religion and people’s life style. 

How much guide costs and what does it includes?

We offer the best price for guide or trekking leader only US $ 25-35  per day. It includes their all meals, accommodation, salary, equipments, insurance, government tax and service charge.

What is difference between guide and guide cum porter? 

well, we suggest hiring a guide cum porter for individual clients to get support of carrying luggage and guiding at the same time too. Guide cum porter helps you to carry about 10-15 kg. Guide cum porter got license from govermnet and they are well experienced on trekking routes. As they are upgrated from Porter, they are not like guide who can speak good english.

How much guide cum porter cost and what does it include? 

We offer guide cum porter is only US $ 22 per day. It includes all their meals, accommodation, wage, equipment and insurance. 

How does guide cum porter carries your luggage ?

We request you to bring a back pack ( normally 60-70 liter recommended )  that fits your belongings which should be maximum 10 kg then he will manage his own bag there too. 

Need porter only? 

Our porters are very strong, honest, well equipped and experienced. We are specializing guide porters in this region for better information and knowledge.

Porter cost and includes? 

We offer the cost for porter is only US $ 20  per day.  It includes all their meals, accommodation, wage, equipment and insurance. 

How much porter can carry and how does he carry my luggage ?

Porter's weight limit is about 20 kg but he won't mind to carry 2-3 kg more or less. Company will provide duffle bag to carry your luggage but if you have your own rucksack then it will be good too. 

What happened if guide/porter got accident or got sick along the trekking? 

Our guide/porters have fully insurance for medical, accidental or helicopter rescue coverage. We will manage it. 

How to meet your guide/porters?

Our guide/porter will come to meet you at your hotel or at our office. We will give him your name, room number and hotel name. Then you can discuss about next day plan for trekking and departure time. We will also provide you his phone number to contact yourself. 

How do we arrange our luggage for porter to carry ?

If you are hiring a porter just for you as private then bring a 40- 50 liter back pack for a porter to carry but if you are sharing porter with another person then you will need to arrange 90- 100  liter back pack or use our company's duffle bag.

Do I need to pay for my guide and porter's food and lodging?

No, the guide and porters eat and stay at a reduced rate in the trekking lodges that they pay for out of their wages.

Do I need to pay for my guide's transportation?

In most cases you will need to pay for your guide's transportation as well as your own, unless otherwise specified. For treks that require flights a transport fee is not included on above per day cost.

Why should we take guide/porter?

You are highly suggested to take either guide/guide cum porter or porter for this trekking for four important reasons as below

  • You will get authentic and full information about the trip.
  • You will not miss the trail.
  • You can book the rooms in advance via phone or send him earlier.
  • You can get his assistance for communicating to local people or us for any urgency if you get high altitude sick or accident along the trekking.

How much should I tip my trekking guide and porter?

It is customary in Nepal to tip trekking staff, they work hard and if you feel they have provided you with good service please reward them appropriately. Please insure you have enough cash to tip your guide and porter (if you hired one). Suggested tipping: approximately $2-$4 USD per day per person is good if there are multiple people; if only one person, then the equivalent of $3-$5 USD per day. For a porter, the equivalent of $3-$4 per day total (between all the people using the porter); or if one person has hired a porter, the equivalent of $2-$4 USD per day. If you need to cut your trip short for any reason the guide and porters will receive the wages for the full booked time.