The Best Breakfast Restaurant in Kathmandu

  • 2020-01-12
  • By Durga kc

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There are countless restaurant to choose but Yala Cafe is one of them to choose to have Breakfast while you are in kathmandu. Traditionally ,many Nepalese do not really eat breakfast but have one big meal before leaving home, a snack in the afternoon and the other one for dinner which is Nepal Dal Bhat.  But changing work schedules and lifestyles are making more and omre people choose to eat breakfast. It is not only a morning meal but also boosts your energy and lifts your mood. So Yala Cafe considered good for your first meal of the day. 

Best Breakfast place in kathmandu

Even this early,we were exposed to the cruel sun on the streets of Thamel, sweating already and looking for respite. Here comes Yala Cafe and Coffee Shop to the rescue. Surrounded by greenery in a quiet alley, it is peaceful. There are just a few seats in a small courtyard outside. Trace the aroma of Organic Coffee wafting out of the cafe, then find a seat to get ready for breakfast. Neither of us was in a good mood for a brand-new day until we had coffee and breakfast. The mild smell of Nepali Organic Arabica beans can easily win you over with its great favor, not to mention the fresh taste. 

Breakfast at yala cafe

The popular Eggs Benedict is served with Sauteed ham and vegetables along with poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauce. Or there is Nepali Simple Breakfast if you prefer the local flavor. The menu is a mixture of western and Nepali tastes to create variety and meet the needs of a range of customers. Owners came from the adventure and hospitality industry and know what tourists want. We experience first, then we serve, says Durga KC.  Source - Living

Breakfast and lunch at yala cafe kathmandu


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