Langtang Region FAQS

How long does it take to obtain all applicable Trekking Permits for Langtang trekking ?

Well, we can make applicable permits in one day for Langtang Trekking. All we need is your passport copy and pp size picture so we get Permit TIMS and Langtang National Park Permit from Trekking plus Office.

 How much does it cost?

If you are a solo trekker’s means, you are not hiking any guide or porter than you have to apply your permit from Nepal Tourism board and you will be registered as a individual Trekkers. TIMS will cost you US $ 20 per person and National Park Fee will cost you US $ 30 per person

How long does it valid?

Permit is valid for one time. When you put the entry and exit stamp on your permit than it won’t be valid any more for another trekking even in same region.

How can I get bus ticket to Syabrubensi?

Well, Trekking Plus will help you to get the bus ticket to Syabrubensi. If you prefer driving by private transportation than we will arrange it as well. We get a a local bus ticket from Balaju Bus park.

Do I need special course for Langtang Trekking ?

Well, it will be recommended to have some some trekking/hiking practice before trek to Langtang trekking. You will put yourselves on better position when you are on trekking.

What kinds of fitness should I have?

Well, we of course need to be on good health or fitness for any trekking to Nepal. If you have good fitness of course you might feel easier and can complete the trek without any problem.

What is the age limits for Langtang valley Trekking?

Well, As you, there is no age limitation for any trekking in Nepal if you are going through Trekking Plus.  Trekking Plus expert field crew will take care while you are on trek and our main intension is safety first and complete trek without any problem. Besides, It will depend on your fitness and commitment as well.

Can I store my unnecessary stuffs in Kathmandu?

Yes, you can store your unnecessary stuffs with us in Kathmandu. It will be safe and free of cost at hotel in Kathmandu.

Do I need a guide and Porter?

Trek to any trek in Langtang Region, Guide and porters are not mandatory. However having local staffs with you always let you extra confidence to hit the goal and you are on good hands.  Trekking Plus field crews have deep connection with locals, their culture, religion, dialects, flora & fauna etc. which might make your trip more memorable.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, your high altitude coverage travel insurance is essential. If you are not insure than if incase of something the expenses will be paying by your own as well as all excludes.

Can I buy or rent trekking gears in Kathmandu?

Well, if you do not have something such as sleeping bags and down jackets with you than you can either by or rent it from trekking store in Kathmandu. Trekking Plus staff will help you out to rent sleeping bags and other trekking equipment’s for you

What kinds of water should I drink?

Mineral bottles water or boiled water is recommended to drip. If you have purification tablets than you can use it for water you get from lodges.  You can buy water purification tablet in pharmacy or supermarket in Kathmandu.

Do I need Sleeping Bag in Langtang trek?

Yes if you have your own sleeping bag (-20 degree sleeping bag) that would be better. You get extra blankets at the local lodges as well which you can use it for extra layer.  

Do I get electricity for battery charge?

Well, most of the mountain lodges have electricity available. You can charge your batteries but it is payable. It might cost about 500 rupees for full charge.

What currency should I take during mountain?

Cash – Nepali rupee is recommended to have with you when you are on trekking.

Do I get ATM in mountain?

Well, we get ATM hardly along the trek to Langtang but it is always better to take enough cash from Kathmandu. The ATM in mountain might be out of order sometime and we get in trouble.

How early should I book the trip?

Well, it will be recommended to book your trekking in advance so that we will have time to arrange permits and sort out our field staff’s schedule for the trekking.  Booking couple of months early is recommended.